Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Shall Miss You

We met by design a long time ago
I respected your knowledge
And that which you were.
The fact that you were Mrs Someone
was not an issue.
The Mrs part was frosting- it wasn't the cake.
The cake was of dubious quality to begin.
You can't tame what was meant to be wild and free.
You leashed Nature
Nature broke the leash.
It also broke your heart.
You could have learned from it-you didn't.
In your mind, you made the cake darker and richer
Than the real cake had ever been.
You felt that you got older , fatter and sorrow made you more ugly
You were none of those things
Except in your mind.
And now we have come to the parting
Parting with who you once were
Parting with principles in which you believed.
If the you of then saw the you today-
Then you would do as I did .
And walk away.