Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black Velvet Seductions has a Friday night chat 9pm central

I attended my first last night and I will go back. It caused a great deal of introspection on Ceiling and when I write the next draft, should fix some issues.

I tried to post this before and it only 1/2 took.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I want to know if the economy tanks over water , does the country become a floatation device?

A few more sharp bumps and I should have my life landed on solid ground again. Thanks but I won't be flying Bushbama airlines again. Air Romania with chickens in the aisles is more progressive and definately friendlier. I am probably dating myself  but my response to all but 1 or 2 politicians is I know that they are lying because their lips are moving. (old joke). It doesn't mean that I will be living a high life but as we continue not to recover , and we haven't - no jobs=no recovery, what I have I own. Minimum wage does not count. And what exactly was the purpose of terrifying my 80 plus parents and still losing the credit rating?

People down here are pretty pissed and tired of being poor. Tired of not getting paid, tired of everyone not catching a breath and taking a step backwards when creditors call for their money. Ok, now that ACORN has been paid off with healthcare, can we please get serious? Its not that Americans won't do certain jobs- just not for ten cents on the dollar. We are going to do it ourselves. so why do we need them? Maybe as this thinkis supposed to be for and by the people, maybe the people whould look at revision. Federal retirement added to Social Security, reducing the pensions to the average pension of the majority of the constituents of the electoral district. Federal health care needs to join Medicare. Both Social Security and Medicare have had nonrelated loans conscripted from them. No privilege beyond the joy of service for public service. Bet you'de hear some screaming then.

On my writing, my vamps are well and alive on the West Coast just north of Berkeley for book 2 ( still not named) . Where the first book established conflict and characters , the second has more action as the Lillerics decide , after centuries, that they are through running from the children of Adam and Eve. Running has delayed not solve the problems that they are now experiancing. Technology is neutral and aids both sides. there are some new characters and , I hope, gives more insight into their society.
Unlike Charlaine Harris's vamps, they don't want their civil rights or recognition as a race. the idea of a Great Revelation as in True Blood , would horrify them . They want to be left alone. I did find, however , the idea of Craig's list as a take out menu appealing.