Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mea a culpa for being MIA

Granted it has been several months since I posted here. I have been preoccupied with working on the first of , what I hope, will be a series of vampire novels . The first one , The Ceiling of Stars , is about a family of vampires, told from their perspective is coming along nicely. I am trying to go the traditional route rather than self publish. Its had good peer reviews and a few good academic reviews as well.
I took 2 free on line classes this year, one in erotica which I just finished and the other in basic writing.
There is another blog site just opened last night to give some back story to the novel. (And you just know that there will be at least one tourist who goes to find the cafe in Sothwold (both fictional ) while visiting Cape Cod in the summer.