Monday, February 1, 2010

Cabin Fever

My Mommy says she loves me .
I dont think that she does.
I've got a million reasons
Including "Just b'cause".

I got a brand new sled
Under our holiday tree.
But when I want to go out
She smiles and says " I'll see..."

The snow is white
The air is cold
The sun is shining bright.
A perfect day for sledding...
Don't you think that I AM Right?

I went and found our skates then.
A Pair for her and me.
A perfect pair of skaters for all the world to see.
She took the skates and packed them quite away.
The ice is too thin, for you to skate today.

Alright! Alright!
She does not WANT to play.
If she does not want me then I will run away.
I grabbed my bag I use for school
And began to fill it up.
I packed some cookies and a drink,
I even packed my cup!
I grabbed my crayons and my book,
my blanket and my bear...
I wanted her to miss me
So I could say SO THERE!

I found a place behind the couch next to the wall,
Where she would never look.
I grabbed my colors and began to color in my book.
I hear her enter , I even heard her call.
But I stayed very still and very very small.
If you don't want to play with me,
Then you don't need me at all.

My head felt heavy and I shoved Teddy underneath.
I was good and angry and meant to cause her grief.
I dreamed of fairies , dragons and witches too.
I was defiantely more quiet than what I'de planned
TO do.

Mom looked here .
Mom looked there and even looked some more.
Its very hard to run away when you cannot
Reach the door.
She looked high then higher still
Then she looked quite low.
I was nowhere to be found.
She could not think of where I'de go.

Not in my bed
Not in my chair
Not even in the bath.
I wonder where she is? She asked,
and this time did not laugh.

I poked my head from behind the couch.
I gathered all my stuff.
I wanted to run away but I had run away enough.
I put my bear back on my bed.
Where I placed my blanket too.
Then down the stairs I trudged
Knowing just what I should do.

Tag, you're IT MOM
See , I MADE you play!
She said 'You're right"
And hugged me tight.
Now go and get your sleigh.
I went to get my sled.
She sent me on my way.
For little girls need to sled
On such a perfect day.