Friday, November 13, 2009

All Hallows

•The interview room was industrial grey as I stepped forward in my black and white swirled patterned skirt and white close fitting linen blouse. My blonde hair was chic - short and sassy- bold and yet...professional. I dropped my black leather briefcase upon the formica topped steel table, My first case since passing the bar...Steven, supervisor had a soft spot in his heart for these pro bono cases. No money-and usually more experiance than was desired.

My client , a young woman of about her early 20's raised her big brown eyes , palest white skin brushed with apple coloring...her mouth was SOOO very very red,kong curly Romany locks hung down so perfectly that I wondered if it were a very good wig. Just my luck-Halloween night and I get to construct a defense for Little Red Riding Hood. She was dressed the part as if she had just stepped from one of Tasha Tudor's story books that my mother had read to me as a child...I pulled the yellow legal pad from the briefcase and placed my copy of the Metro Sheriff department's report beside me. "Tell me what happened, I asked, wetting my lips.

The red hooded figure shuddered as if remembering something best left forgotten. "Earlier this evening," she began," My friend, Madelane and I decided to go visit my grandmother who lives on the edge of Golden Gate Park. Now that my parents are gone, I am all that she has. Because we were going to the Halloween Party at the Cow Palace afterwards, we decided to dress before going. So I packed my basket with goodies from some of the small markets in North Beach- Grandmama loves the Geneoa Salami from there but sometimes cannot tolerate the garli . 82 don't you know...stomach is not always good. I admit that I was slow getting ready tonight really IS my fault that we missed the bus- so we decided to cross the Meadow on foot. She stopped here and shook her curls,,,slowly she sipped at the bottled water that a guard had brought. We got lost along the way. I know that we should have remembered to stay on the path...I have done it dozens of times-but it was always bright day. It was getting dark and Madalane was getting REALLY scared. She started screaming at me to get back to the road and we would grab a cab. But...I wouldn't go- so she left me . Here the previously sobbing fairy tale princess added cynically-probably went on to the Cow Palace without me. I just wouldn't give up ...Grandmama was waiting for me...and Madalane had the only cell phone,

"Well, about an hour after Madalane had left me, I was all alone and started to get scared. I could see that there was this young Gypsy man looking at me.
His eyes were dark and you could tell that he was made for dancing. As I watched him he did a weird little jig and then bowed to me...I was fascinated and scared . He asked me where I was going...and I flirted with him , telling him that I was on my way to Grandma's house. He took my face in his hands , stared deeply into my eyes and said " What BIG eyes you have, my little Gaja..." I laughed and pulled back replying " Why Sir, the better to See you With" and skipped a few steps backwards.

He quickly caught up with me, swinging me around by my elbow. " And my little beauty , what small and delicate seashell ears you have . I giggled and ran around the large rock near where the concerts play...why sir, the better to HEAR you with..." He swung me once more with his hand wrapped around my waist...I could see the moon just clear the trees behind him. It was full and bright- shining almost like day...and I noticed his very sharp pointed teeth and that he had the worst case of 5 oclock shadow all over his face and yes, body too -and I wanted to go... Give the line, he barked...Give the line...I started to cry because he would not let me go. Why what great big teeth you have , I whispered. THe Better to EAT you with and howled once at the luminescent orb that had risen to overhead. The howl was cut short...and he fell to the ground. As he lay there , bleeding out into the cool green grass-he croaked "Why Red what a big shiny gun you have." And I replied the only thing that I could logically think to say- the better to pump three silver bullets into your heart. And he died as all wrewolves do.

I listened enraptured to the story that my client had just related. A werewolf...great...maybe a shrink could help this poor girl. " I had to kill him you see,,,he would not let me go..." "Yes Yes I nodded noting her story on my marigold lined pad -you were afraid for your life. The brown eyes widened , the red lips pouted gently and the curls were givena gentle shake . " Oh no, " she said softly . "My family doesnot approve of dating outside of our species..." As she said this, the guard from the desk announced that bail had been paid - that she was free to go but not to leave the city. A man in a dark cloak with a burgandy lining stepped forward and greeted her fondly . " I thought you said that your parents were dead" Dimples bloomed on either side of the red mouth and as she smiled , I could not help but notice the fangs that brushed the lower lip-"Oh they are-we ALLare...I have your card aand we will be in touch. I fell back into the patinaed aluminum chair...Dizzy, I wondered how this , if ever , would play out in court...I watched them walk out of the door and into the night,