Monday, January 16, 2012

Not been in a coma but catching up after the Move

I hadn't realized until I actually sat down to start to clear out my in box at Yahoo , file everything in the folders and reply with apologies, how busy I had been since the end of Oct  . It wasn't even my holiday season. It was the whole act of rebalancing my life in a smaller space- and I thought that I was fine. I was and am. Still there was a tiny place that mourned the change and a slightly larger part that was pissed at the intrusion. But I did get a PO Box last week, and have set about reclaiming my life. Harry Brown would have been proud of me ( I miss Harry!) - I even replaced some of the things that got accidentally left behind. Some of the other things were replaced by newer and on sale that relate to me more now. ( I got 2 Komachi fish knives for $7.89 for both  at TJ Maxx- Amazon wanted $9.00 each. I went over to look for coffee and literally ran into these at housewares. ) Relevance? Some of the local professional chefs suggested this brand for Henri (male vampire, professional kitchen trained chef, and cafe owner- gee, he could be judge on Chopped with those qualifications!) I am looking forward to using them . I ,later, noticed that the chef on Hungry Girl, Food Network used them.

I went right to my writing and submitted the revamped (pun intended) change from first to third person of my vampire novel, which I have broken into 2 at this point to Critique Circle. Same characters though I did move some of the later characters forward amd clarified the antagonist in the first. But the original was way too long by advice for a 1st for an unknown.

I did do my taxes - and the refund was smaller than I had hoped. I will file them this week. And that included a charity credit for most of my furniture to Goodwill. But I am warm , dry, clean and living in a quiet environment(finally) .

I sat down and wrote my parents-both in their 80's . Its useless to call, they either can't hear me or have such a short interest span that unless I just want to hear their voices, it doesn't work. They do better with letters. Then I will call in a few weeks and they can ask me about anything that they did not understand. They don't have many filters left anymore so it would have been ill advised to have contacted them before now.

So its not all over- but I am sitting in the middle of it, hoping to be re-organized really soon.

Hope all of you are well.