Thursday, September 15, 2011

Technical Advice

I worked restaurant for several years while in college and shortly thereafter. It was the recession of the 1970's and jobs were hard to find. But I had an incredible and ass kicking boss from whom I learned alot about working in general. ( Thanks Sandy!)  I had also been a Mother's helper while in high school for a major chef in the North of Boston -he was Portugese but his family owned an Italian restaurant. I think restaurant is hard work and under appreciated. Its also a job that you can take anywhere. Henri originally started off as a musician but the more that I worked with him , the better I liked the idea of him being a chef. Everyone refers to him a quiet and artistic, he keeps his own counsel. His grandfather who is in the Colony's politics is deceptive and manipulating- his father a minor politician is charming , getting his way by cooperation. Henri is inventive, prides himself on keeping his promises and was looking for a special woman to take on an incredible journey.

A few months ago , I went through a first edit with a chapter buddy which was a positive experiance.
I took Robert Bloch's writing advice and let the first book rest while I worked on the second. Now looking back, it seems that Heni chopped an awful lot of vegetables in the first book. There is only one time when it is an expression of his emotional state, That I will keep.  So I have started to fine tune what he and Katy do in the cafe. I have spent hours watching technique on video and talking to local chefs. When I get to a point when I feel that its time, then will rewrite some of the scenes. I think it will make a better product.

I did the group crit thing for awhile with the first book. Some of the comments were helpful and constructive. Some were just to get points to get their own work critted and some were plain stupid. When I began this, I hadn't realized how hard it was for some people to get their head around genetic not undead vampires. I am not sure of how I feel about submitting to group crit again.

So that's where I am right now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

I had 2 full days off this weekend- worked Saturday. I slept most of Sunday then today, I hit the ground running. I put 62 books up for sale at Amazon. I also have a guitar for sale over there. I started to clean out the walk in closet which was more packed than I thought. Some of that may go up for sale also.
I have done some writing exercises and answered some email.
I have been working 2 new clients to get their money to pop. The progress is encouraging.
There is always time to spend with my vamps. The second novel is coming along nicely . I also learned some information that will make a small change in the first novel.
I haven't dropped off of the earth. Somedays it just spins faster than I can move.