Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears-OM!

So much has happened since just before Samhain. I moved from 900sq ft apt to 300sq ft efficency. The latter is so quiet. I toolk an agreed judgement to get out of my lease from the other place. I have 12 and 1/2 years till retirement at 72- I am unlikely to buy anything significant.

I am converting my book from 1st to 3rd person- which I find is solving many of the holes.

Our GM at work got canned after 8 years. Now my supervisor ( who I suggested get hired as a collector years ago) and HR are running the joint. Transition is always painful- but I am hoping for good things from these 2 ladies. So far, they have shown respect for the workforce. So here's hoping.

We lost our overtime this week. It happens before the holidays anyway and allegedly OT regulation is coming in much tougher. I am hoping we recover it in about 6-8 weeks due to tax time.

But I finally am getting some sleep. I have been able to spend hours on stressfree research suggested to me by real life chefs ( my male vampire is a chef) . The way home at night is well lit- improvement over the dark hill where I was mugged in '02.

We're having catered Yule dinner on the 23rdfrom Arnold's . They catered our Thanksgiving. Last year we had Arnolds at Thanksgiving and Honey baked ham at Yule. HBH did a terrible job . Arnolds , incidentally, won a James Beard Award this year. They in t's and jeans beat all the chefs from the South in cheffie jackets!

Bad news is I have 4 days off end of Dec due to the Xtian holidays . Everything is closed down here Xmas day including the coffee shop and movies. Boring.

I have to do some errands - so here is where I click my ruby slippers together and "POOF"


shelly said...

Oh well...have a nice Yule anyway and make up your own holiday on Dec. 25th. I rent an enless stack of DVDs and lay on the couch. Then me and Sweetman go to a CHinese restaurant.

SueW said...

Have a nice Yule also