Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rumor going 'round town - and its not true!

I recently recieved an email from an allegedly reputable source. It said that DAW publishing was seeking new authors , longer books considered. Inner skeptic said "Hmmmm, doesn't track" . It went against all wisdom written since ( and before ) The Bushama Depression. The email said that they accepted agented and unagented manuscripts. Inner skeptic replied " And one size fits all." Even when I was a kid and started my collection of reject notices, the slush piles were reportedly taller than I. And like Dorothy, I wanted to see what was behind the curtain.

DAW is part of Penguin books. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. This per their website.

Writer beware!


Lorelei said...

Good thing to check those things out before you go to all the trouble of approching the BIG guys.

And a note of thanks that you did so that others won't go spreading the word, or at least thinking wrongly that they'd welcome any of us with open arms!

SueW said...

You know what they say about if it sounds too good to be true...