Friday, December 23, 2011

Well Its here

The bosses are catering a meal today  again from Arnolds (YUM) . We are leaving early- I have some things to finish up before I leave today- I am requesting that 10 driver's lic be pulled before I leave. The drivers were in accidents, were found to be liable and were sent a letter telling them that today I would request they be pulled. (Silly rabbit) I will send them letters today announcing that it has happened. They should get them Tues or Wed. There were 15 but 5 took  me seriously and set up arrangements/paid. The other should have.

I continue to convert and like the story better as 3rd person. I think it makes Henri pop more.

I picked up 5 writing blogs to read this am.

This afternoon begins the 4 days of Xtian holiday. Cat seems to have plans for me. Maxie thinks she needs a kitty weekend not just a day.

Hoping to get to Waffle House this weekend . 14 years down here and I've never been.

Enjoy your holiday if you have one.

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